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As salam alaikum, I am 25 year old Muslim girl from India married with a Muslim man 5 years back in the affection and love with out any one (our parents) knowing about our marriage and lives separately. but have physical relation sometime. and meanwhile we were trying to get our parents get ready for our marriage (officially). i waited 5 years, by that time my mother was got agreedwith my decision but 5-6 months back he(my husband) got into another relation with a non muslim girl from his college and i come to know about 2 months back. but he told me that he did mistake n said sorry to me. i trusted him n loved him a lot so cant make my heart out of his love... i forgave him... He then told me to go to UAE where my father lives, so that he can come to me in UAE and marry me as his parents will never gonna accept me.. I came to UAE 21 Dec,2012.. and from then he started avoiding me n telling he cant left his parents and all.. i requested him, beg him to come as my family knew about it that he is coming to marry me.. but he refuse and on 10 jan,2013 he got registered married with that non muslim girl and called me in the evening n said "Talaq,Talaq,Talaq" and left his family with her.... I am very deeply upset i am here in UAE n my ammi is in India.. I make prayers and and recite dua's but still Heart is paining like anything.. its unbelievable and shocking to me.. my iddat is also started but i am all alone and have to go out for search job for me.. this is going very hard .. I cant tell my parents that i was married n now divorcee.. Instead of all this he keep saying that he loves me but he love that girl too.. I dont know how to deal with.. some time he ask me to come back in his life as i m still in iddat.. and i feel that girl did take some magical help to get my husband as she feels for him from 2 years in her college.. previously my husband told me about that n i ask him to keep distance from her as i was also busy with my office he might get closer to that girl.... Please Help me and Advice some Dua to keep my mind and Heart in relief.. I truly believe in Allah n nothing could happen without His will... But the problem is I love him a lot, its very hard for me to live away from him.. I want to get back to him but dont want that girl to be in his life and he is not agree with that... Please help and advice me in the light of Islam.. Allah will help you all Insha Allah.. Please Help me with this pain...

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Walikum Assalam,

First of all you are in this problem because of yourself, and you should accept that. Because you hide this from your parents and you haven't taken their permission when you did Nikah. If you haven't married that person you would be in better condition but as you broke the Islamic laws and now you are asking for duas.

The thing is that he has given you divorce so now you can not marry him and please don't think of Halala as it is Gunah-e-Kabira (Major Sin). You still believe that this person loves you? Didn't you see how he made the whole plan to sent you to Dubai and behind your back he married to a non-muslim, it seems he is only giving you excuses that the girl has cast black magic on him. For now you should concentrate on your iddat and cover your face when you go for job, and if you don't you will break another Law of Islam.


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Walekum assalaam..... If he has said "talaq , talaq , talaq " , this means your marriage is over. Now you cant go back to him without unintentional halala.... As far as that person is concern , he married a non-muslim girl , that is not allowed in Islam , so he is doing adultery. He made a plan to fool you emotionally and sent you to Dubai so that he may marry that girl and enjoy her and you are still believing in him. Now when this man has become bored of her so he wants to call you back so that he can enjoy you as well. [You know what , its like I am bored with biryani , so now I want Paneer]. If you love and fear Allah , then dont go to this man as this will be like transgression and disobeying the law of Allah. Clearly , this man does not fear Allah as he has married a non-muslim girl gave you triple talaaq and calling you back again when you have clearly became haraam to him... So complete your iddah and set yourself free from this monster and sincerely repent to Allah and InshaAllah Allah will do something better for you. And Allah knows best

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