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I heard a saying by prophet muhammad that said the angels will not enter a house with dogs, pictures or idols i know a long time ago they drew photos but i was wondering if our pictures that we use today would fall under that category because we have a lot of pictures hung up. I would like it if angels can enter my house, if you can please provide evedince from well known scholars.

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السلام عليكم NesreenA. I am not an educated person, but I would like to answer your question. insyaaAllah. as a Muslim, I would like to share the secrets to making our homes as a mercy and the angels of mercy will love our home. in Shall to put a picture or a portrait of our family in our home, to remember loved ones and family members as long as we do not worship it. is preferably we put the holy book the Koran in the house, and preferably read the holy book. Priority recited al-Baqarah, Muslim narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said which means: Do not make your houses graves, surely he(devil) will run away from home that has been read at home Surah al-Baqarah. Waallahuataalaalam ..

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السلام عليكم NesreenA, as you know that the picture is forbidden if in worship. If the place I live, we Muslims here as Imam Al-Shafie sect and fiqh Imam Al-Shafie is to put the picture should the family members for family purposes. But the law should it just be changed if we misuse or worship other than Allah SWT Waallahhutaalaalam ..

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Salam, refer to the Fatwas below.

If something is disputed it is safer to keep away from it.

Hope this helps

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but the prophet didnt worship pictures yet he still ordered his wives to cut the picture and use it in a pillow and said the quote above i dont think its a matter of us worshiping them im just wondering if photographs would count as pictures i heard from one sheikh that the reason you cant have pictures is because somone drew them and tried to mimic gods creation and in yoom il akhirah they will be asked to put souls in the picture, but we dont really draw photographs but then again it does make a picture of a human i need reassurance to whether it counts as a picture the way the prophet meant

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can somone answer please

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when you pray be sure that there isnt a picture of a human or animal infront of u

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the thing is that i share the house with my family members so what about if i remove all the pictures from my room do you think the angels will enter?

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You would have to ask the Angels i suppose. As long as there is no hindrance for them to enter, i dont see why they wouldn't given the other activities in the house are Islamic and warrant their coming for Barakah.

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funny that you are worried about pictures, yet you have a picture of yourself on this website?

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NesreenA, firstly be mindful that action depends on intention as stated by Allah (SWT), The prophet (S.A.W) said we should change things that we see wrong by our hands and if not by our tongue and least by our heart, since you live with your family, you can't remove all hunged pictures but you can remove that of your room and educate your family about the rest. Either drawn pictures or those taken with camera, same rule applies to them in Islam, we can have pictures but we keep them in albums or somewhere covered and not hung on walls. Hope this clarifies

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her question is from march, doubt she is here anymore.

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