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6 years ago at age 17 i was walking through a park and a very small bird fell out of its nest and couldn't fly away, i picked it up and purposely it it against a wall, my intentions were to hurt it... it died... i remember feeling bad so I went back later on picked it up trying to revive it but i realised it was too late, i forgot about it but then a few years later i started imagining how it would feel to die in a bad way e.g. drowning, being set on fire alive etc. and i thought to myself i hope i never hurt someone like that and hopefully the same doesn't happen to me, but then i remembered killing this small animal with no reason, so i repented a few years back however i feel as if i'm cursed and never be foriven, as i got older i;ve given water to animals but i don;t think i'll be forgiven for it due to the pain i caused that small animal..... since killing that small animal i;ve realised my life has been stressful, and i fail at everything, i would do anything to be forgiven and to have my curse lifted but i don;t think i will. please help

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@HR1: your question's Title should be clear and to the point. Tag should be related to question.

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Assalam o Aleikum.. Although it's a sin to hurt any living thing but Allah forgives every sin except shirk, but the condition is tht the forgiveness must be asked with a pure heart and u must not commit the same sin again. On the other hand if you think tht Allah wont forgive you, thats a wrong belief. Because your thinking goes against one of the attributes of Allah. So you must think in a positive manner and then ask for forgiveness. INSHAHALLAH, Allah will forgive you..

Fi Iman Illah..

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Animals and Birds, all have rights in Islam. What you did was really wrong, and when you hurt someone so you have to ask forgiveness to that particular person whom you hurt and also to Allah (S.W.T) as you went against the laws of Allah (S.W.T). So, for you to be forgiven you have to ask forgiveness to that bird as well, but now its too late so on the day of judgement you have to ask forgiveness to that bird.

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