Can husband and wife do all the following things in Islam:?

-French/Tongue kissing. -Have a hug-sleep naked without anyone knowing, or sleep by lying over each other without clothes. -Husband drinking wife's breast milk. -Husband kissing on wife's naked breast, legs and other body parts. -Give tongues in eachother's mouths and suck eachother's tongue. -Have sex.

Please answer this question. Are all these things allowed after marriage in Islam between husband and wife?

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1.French kiss or passionate kiss [to wife] is sunnah of Prophet (peace be upon him):........ Aisha relates that Prophet (peace be upon him) would kiss her and would suck on her tongue [Sunan Abu Dawood-2378] [ This answer your last question as well - Give tongues in eachother's mouths and suck eachother's tongue. ] 2. Sleeping or hugging together or lying naked with each other without anyone knowing is also proven from Prophet's wife Aisha [radiallaho anha}.... 3. Husband drinking wife's breast milk - It is prohibited because it is only for the child but it neither breaks the nikah nor it will make husband the foster son of his wife as foster relationship is for only two years[Imam Haskafi mentioned in Raddul mukhtar 3:211] 4. Husband kissing on wife's naked breast, legs and other body parts- This is also permitted and infact recommended as it is a part of foreplay and Prophet commanded to do foreplay before intercourse. Imam Munawi in his book Fayd al Qadir as Sharh Jamia-as-saghir 5:115 has mentioned that foreplay and passionate kissing before sex is an emphatic sunnah[Al-Muaqqadah] and it is disliked [Makruh]to do otherwise........ For more info, on sex related topic , kindly download the book named "Islamic guide to sexual relation for Mufti Muhammad Adam Ibn Kawthar", which is freely available on internet in .pdf format............. And Allah knows best

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This is the pdf document, covering all sexual relations. It is a good read, and explains the reasons why breast milk should not be taken in the mouth.

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French kissing is allowed? How did the Prophet do this? Are you sure your sources are reliable? There is bacteria on every one of our tongues, and now you're telling me that the prophet Muhamad (pbuh) done this act? It doesn't make sense.

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Aisha relates that Prophet (peace be upon him) would kiss her and would suck on her tongue[Abu Dawood-2378]-This hadeeth permits french kiss and the source is reliable and I have rechecked on your insistence. As far as bacteria is concern then all bodyparts of man/women have bacteria which means kissing as a hole becomes impermitted. Now that is something which does not makes sense. And It's not me but hadeeth of Sunan Abu Dawood is telling that Prophet (peace be upon him) did this act. And everything which I have taken is from the book whose link has been furnished by sister abdyagirl. Peace

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@saleem Khan : No Brother. U are allowed to. Pls read the following

During the life-time of the Prophet’s Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) it happened that one of the Companions was making love with his wife, and in the course of love-making he (the Companion) sucked her breasts to the extent that some of the milk reached his stomach. Following that, the Companion went to Abu Musa Al-Ashari (may Allah be pleased with him) and asked him about the ruling. Replying the man, Abu-Musa Al-Ashari said that the man’s wife had become forbidden for him. (i.e., like his mother)

After that, the man went to ask Abdullah Ibn Masud (may Allah be pleased with him) about the same ruling and Ibn Masud stated that there was nothing wrong with what happened. Ibn Masud backed his argument by citing the Prophetic hadith, which clearly states that suckling is confined only to the two earlier years of a child. Ibn Mas`ud cited this Qur’anic verse: 'Mothers shall suckle their children for two whole years; (that is) for those who wish to complete the suckling…' (Al-Baqarah: 233)

The apparent meaning of the aforementioned verse is that the suckling, which may act as a cause of prohibition, is confined to the suckling during the first two years. . AFTER THE ELAPSE OF THE FIRST TWO YEARS, SUCKLING IS NO LONGER A CAUSE OF PROHIBITION.

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you can kiss the breasts but not drink the milk drinking wife milk is not allowed in Islam

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The above answer of a wife becoming a foster mother if her husband drinks her milk is WRONG. NO your wife doesn't become your foster mother because you drank milk out of her. This is because only the first two years after a birth counts from whom you drank milk. After that a woman cannot become a foster mother of a child let alone adult. So it is permissible in ISLAM to do that and any other act of intimacy between a married couple apart from Anal sex.

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Assalam o Aleikum.. Islam allows sex between a legal couple. Islam does not stop husband and wife to display their love for each other alone by hugging, etc. But i dont know the answers for the other questions u mentioned.

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Drinking Wife's milk is prohibited and the Nikah will be invalid if husband drinks. Because then she will become foster mother of her own husband.

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I strongly disagree with you on this.

As for sucking one's wife breast, you should know that this issue is controversial. Some scholars say that if a husband sucks his wife’s breast several times in a way that he gets satisfied and the milk reaches his stomach, his wife will be forbidden for him. But, the majority of scholars view that the sucking that makes a woman unlawful to one is that which is given only within the first two years of his life.

You may wish to do more research on the matter. This may help.

Allahu Alim

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