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i am ethiopian ,in our country there is no islamic bank,as a resul i uses non islamic bank.when u use such bank u will get some exra money than u saved (put)in the bank. for whom shall i give this money??

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IN THE NAME OF GUD! SALAM. question :According to you, can I use the money which I have with Turkish banks to purchase bonds and benefit from its interest? What is meant by 'non-Islamic' country? Does it mean a system of government which does not operate in accordance with Islamic rules? Can the Turkish government which is not run according to Islamic rules be called Islamic government? Is it permissible to purchase bonds from the Turkish government and receive interest? Concise answer

Office of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant him long life):

There is no problem in conducting transactions which are permissible according to Shari'ah rules. However, interest-based transactions and taking interest from Islamic banks and financial institutes is not permissible except for when the assets of the bank belong to non-Muslims.

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You can give that extra money to any of your needy relative or poor people. It is totally permissible.

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You can give that money for constructing toilet for mosque, traveller room, needy people. You cannot give that money to your relative. It can be given to those people for food, shelter who will die if they not eat food. Eating interest money is like eating pig meat.

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