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I have a male body but my soul is female.I am married with three kids,I love my family very much,but living as a man is disgusting and traumatising for me and I want to live as a woman.During the time the Prophet (saw) there were people called mukhannath who were like me,born male but living as women.They were not considered sinners and were even mentioned in the Quran in surat Nur 24:31.There are also many hadith about them.They were never punished for identifying as women,and only banished if they behaved in a sexually provoctive manner by singing and dancing in public and attempting to lure men into sin.Even the great scholar Imam an Nawawi said that it was not a sin if a man was naturally inclined to be as a woman and it was only sinful if a man pretended to be female to whore himself to men.I do not act in a sinful way and feel very embaressed when brothers shake my hand and embrace me at the masjid.I feel very uncomfortable praying in jamaat,especially Jummah salat when there is a large crowd.I feel just as a woman would feel alone in a room full of men,scared and ashamed.Why is it that the Ummah and the scholars of today say it is sinful to be as I am when there is so much evidence that says this was not so in the early times of this deen?

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Assalam o Aleikum.. It's not a sin at all as this is a natural factor. In fact transgender people could be great pious people. Society is worst these days. Well done tht u read Quran. Just do and believe wht Quran says, forget abt others. May Allah bles you. Fi Iman Illah

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