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I have been through so much in my life :( I have been sexually abused and raped, physically and verbally tortured- all by the ones I call Close to me. Still though along my years I always maintained to have strength. But lately I have hit rock bottom that I am surely at the lowest of low- I have been depressed in bed for a month, lost completely entirely my appetite, I cry every night and morning.....I feel like if I don't snap out if it I will indeed go crazy any minute. My iman keeps going up and down because of the problems I deal with at home. My parents always fighting and cursing each other out, my drug addict brother, my other brother failing school.....I thought if I ran away from it all and I changed my environment to people close to allah that I will b saved but I didn't have the heart to do so because my family needs me there for them, I don't know anymore I given up trying, hoping and all together being patient for a better life because honestly things only get worse for me. And subanallah it resulted in this agonizing depression and loss of iman. I know allah is there and is listening to my pain but when I feel like I have deeply lost myself, I have so much hate in my heart and anger ...please brothers and sisters advice me, inspire me just tell me good that my heart longs to hear :/

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@Faith21: your question's Title should be clear and to the point. Tag should be related to question.

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Dear Faith21,

You're an amazing woman. Allah S.W.T showed all of us out there how strong a woman can be. I truly don't know how to advice you as only you know how you suffered. But always remember, I'll pray for you. I'll pray for you everyday. Insya Allah, He'll show you a way out of your problems. Try not to lose iman & hope. When you lose these, your entire life will be gone. I also believe that Allah has prepared something beautiful for you in the future, that's why you go through so much of pain now. Just don't give up on hope. Allah will help you when you least expect it.

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in which country you live?

is your family like this too???

just be patient, Allah is with Patient Muslims,

do offer Prayer and Read Quran with Translation (if you don't know Arabic)

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Assalam o Aleikum dear sister.. First of all I'd like to share my heartily sympathies with you. Dear sister, leaving family is condemned by islam unless the parents leave their children. Islam lays great stress on the obedience of parents, whatsoever their nature and behaviour be.

Well, sometimes Allah checks the determination of His beings on their faith. One has to be very steadfast in such condition. Never lose hope because it's a sin (they say) because if you lose hope in Allah, you go against one of His attributes and tht is, He's the Most Merciful and Helpful. Sister, always keep in mind tht Allah never tests His beings for their weaknesses, instead their strengths are tested. Read Quran, understand and follow it. Seek help from Allah in prayers. INSHAHALLAH, He'll assist you. May Allah always guard you and your respect. Ameen..

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Salam alaykum, first of all I have to express my sympathy to you. Allah(SWT) told us that He will test His believers with trials and afflictions to see how much of faith and belief we have in Him. I see what you are going through as a test from your Lord(Allah) which you should not despair from. A few days ago, I was going depressed myself and was worrying too much but I discovered that the more I worried and tried to know the source of my depression, the more my faith was diminishing. But, by Allah's grace and mercy, He directed my heart back to Himself and I'm happy again. I still have a lot of things that are not pleasant around me but because I put my trust and prayed to Allah(SWT) I worry less about those things. My advice to you is that you turn your heart to Allah(SWT) and pray to Him and masha Allah your prayers will be answered and your worries will go away. Remember that this world where we are is just a temporary abode and it is the small rightful deeds that we do that makes Allah(SWT) to be pleaseed with us. Jazakallah khairah.

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Don't cry on your pillow for that will not change a thing.. Get up and cry in Salaah before Allah & you will soon see a change in many things. In Sha Allah. Prayer is such an effective tool that eases up all difficulties and hardships..:))) ­ |♥ Rushing to Allah and seeking His help even in small issues, is not a sign of weakness, but it reflects strength, a strong faith...|♥

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