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Assalam Alaykum. I'm 13 years old, going to 8th grade. I am doing everything I can to be an excellent student, and a person praised by all. I have few close friends who are unlike me, do not care about their future. They do not want to learn anything. However, I call them close friends because I can definitely trust them. They will never expose a secret I tell them. These days, school is getting harder and I am having problems with catching up with the topics. I thought, in order to do that, I must abandon my friends or I can never reach my expectations. Please, brothers and sisters, tell me what shall I do? Which one should I choose? Thank you.

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Studies should come first. If you lose any of your friends over bettering yourself then they were not true friends. Explain to them you need to focus school . Insha Allah they will understand.

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Thank you! I will try to tell them what you told me. Perhaps they will understand me.

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Wa Alaikum Assalaaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaaatahuuuuu.. Brother,i suggest you to do Istikhaara [Seeking the right Path by offering 2 Rakats of Salatul Istikhaara].. In Sha Allah,Allah {S.w.t} will surely show u right path..

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Balance between both friends and studying be good to your friends and study hard when it's suitable.

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Brother, and that's exactly why I'm asking this question. It is very difficult, and maybe even impossible to balance it. Please tell me what shall I do?

(Jan 31 '13 at 14:35) UnknownMuslimTeen UnknownMuslimTeen's gravatar image

Maybe you should take a break from friendship for a while until you catch up with your studies so your main objective now should be studies.

(Jan 31 '13 at 14:43) Omar Omar's gravatar image
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