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The thought crossed my mind and so I decided to see what everyone else has to say about this . Are some of the things asked on here back biting? Some questions are more like personal issues about ones private life. Like husbands doing thus or wives doing that.. When we post these issues , is it backbiting?

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Sister,can u explain/analyze what u want to say..i didnt get you.

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When we speak about someone regarding truth its backbiting. When it regards something that is not true its slander. My question is . Is some of these posts backbiting?

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No answers? Opinions??

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“There is no backbiting in the Case of an Evildoer” Gheebah is haram (impermissible) ­ and emphatically so, because Allah says (interpretation ­ of the meaning): “…neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother?” [49:12]. And it is proven from Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “When I was taken up into heaven, I was taken past some people who had nails of copper with which they were scratching their faces and chests. I said: Who are these, O Jibreel? He said: These are the ones who atethe flesh of the people and impugned their honour.” [Imam Ahmad and Abu Dawood] The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) defined gheebah as saying about your brother that which he dislikes. It is permissible in a few cases which are indicated byshar’i (legal) evidence whenthere is a need for that, such as if someone consultsyou with regard to marriage or business partnership, or if someone complains to the ruler and asks him to put a stop to a person's wrongdoing. In that case there is nothing wrong with saying about him things thathe dislikes for the purpose of serving an obvious interest. One of them compiled a list of the cases in which gheebah is permissible in two lines of verse in which he said: Criticism is not gheebah in six cases: complaining aboutmistreatment, identifying a person, warning about a person, highlighting evildoing, seeking a fatwa/verdict, and seeking help to remove an evil. But if there is no obvious interest to be served by mentioning him in a way that he dislikes, then it comes under the heading of gheebah which is haram. With regard to the phrase “There is no gheebah (backbiting) in the case of a faasiq (evildoer)” and whether it is a hadeeth or not, Imam Ahmad said it is munkar (basically rejected). Al-Haakim, al-Daaraqutni and al-Khateeb said: it is false. But the fact that there is no gheebah in the case of a faasiq (an evildoer who openly commits sins) is indicated by the proven report which says that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) saw a funeral passing by, and those who were with himspoke ill of the deceased person, and he (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “It is due.” Then another funeral passed by, and they spoke well of the deceased person, and the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “It is due.” They asked him what he had meant by saying it is due, and he said: “The one of whom you spoke ill, Hell is his due, and the one of whom you spoke well, Paradise is his due. You arethe witnesses of Allah on Hisearth.” and he did not rebuke them for speaking ill of the deceased person of whose evildoing they were aware. This indicates that if a person commits evil openly, there is no gheebahin his case. And Allah is the source of strength. May Allah send blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions. End quote. Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah li’l-Buhooth al-‘Ilmiyyah wa’l-Ifta’ (26/19). Allah {Subhana Wa Ta'Aala} knows best..

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Well...cant comment on got a point..!!

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:). I'm surprised no one else has answered

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Well I guess no...because backbiting is something which make you feel bad about someone YOU KNOW!!..but we dont know the people around here or they dont post the questions with names..they generalize according to me I feel its ok...lets see what others feel

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So if I posted something about my sister, and she found out and was upset, that's not me backbiting? I am sharing her business with others....

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No,if you talk about what someone do to disgrace,make jest of him to another person,it is back biting,when you talk about what someone does not do to destroy,disgrace or spoil his reputation it is slander.but when you talk about someone to help him, it is none of the two.

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Would you be so kind to give an example of a non backbite and an example of a backbite ?

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people here on this website express their problems to find a solution for the things which are torturing/irritating them inside..and the best thing is that the people in this forum dont know each other personally..we people are present here just to clear your doubts relating to islam and I dont find anything wrong in it..! but yes it would be considered backbiting if your brother/sister/father/mother/husband/wife etc. feels bad by something you are asking a question in this website considering questions like mentioning their weak points,bad habits,bad attitude towards you or questions like my brother is worthless,dishonest,pathetic,disgusting etc. would be considered as backbiting..!

I wouldnt really say that there is no backbiting done here cause may be some people may be knowing someone on this website(who asks family related question) and this may affect out..! but 95% people ask questions relating to islam or about their own distress(through my experience in this website from 1 year) I guess the ratio of backbiting with islam related questions are 1:10..!

and ALLAH knows the BEST ! may he guide us through the straight path and may he forbid us from eating the flesh of our dead brother and such great sins..! aameen..!

vote up/award points if u are satisfied..u can even leave me with a feedback !

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Ok my understanding of backbiting is when you say something that someone whom you speak of would dislike then it's backbiting. And when you say something not true about someone its slander. My intention was to remind our brothers and sisters that . And to be careful what we say as after we say it we can't take it back. In order to get advise does not have to have specifics as names like sister,brother,wife ,husband,father ,mother ECT. And if they never know what we have said does that clear us of backbiting??

(Mar 18 '13 at 00:10) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

anything would be considered backbiting when a person asks a question when it would be disliked by the person whether seeing that question on this website or not !

(Mar 18 '13 at 14:14) aaliya ♦ aaliya's gravatar image

that is indeed my point of posting this question . We need to be careful about how we ask our questions , especially when having to do with other people. Finding a way to keep these questions Islam related is key.(example) ask what Islam suggest In the situation of....... Insha allah brothers and sisters will understand what i am saying :)

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