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alsalam alaykum, I'm a man and it is very cold here and i shiver from my friend suggested to me that i wear leggings because they are thick and heavy. so i told him it is a women garment so he answered me that it is unisex and it was a men garment in the past and it isn't from their characteristics unlike bras. so i'm confused can i wear it? and can i wear pantyhose and stockings also because they are cheap and popular in the place where i live. please make me wear them because it is very cold here and they are cheaper and last longer and popular in the place where i live. thank you

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There are body fit trousers available for men in the market and they are also cheap maybe cheaper then leggings. However if you want, you can wear leggings but then you should wear a pant over it so it will be hidden like an under garment.

Pantyhose will benefit you nothing. And they are totally for women.

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But can I wear stockings because they are lighter than normal socks. And thanks for the answer and of course I will wear leggings under pants or I'll look like an idiot!

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If you wear leggings then you do not need stockings and you can not wear stockings over leggings. Stockings are expensive then socks and its a total women wear, so don't wear them. The best advice I can give you is that, you should wear body fit trousers and socks.

However you can wear boots instead of shoes so that more area will be covered.

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Ok thank you very very much for your help. Now I am relieved. Barak Allah lak

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No Problem brother, anytime for you. Please do remember me in your prayers :-)

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There is also thermal ware its made for men to ware under clothes and keeps you very warm.

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Exactly, I was referring to body fit thermal suits, they are uni sex,

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