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Salaam; i see some muslim women praying with their nails polished with nail colours as ardornment. If you ask them, they say they have wudhu. They took wudhu then applied those nail colours. Is this bida'a?

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No according to my knowledge, if they had Wudu before applying Nail Polish. Then they can offer Salaah.

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Wa Alaikum. Sister,If the Nail polish contains Intoxicating alcohol,then,According to me,Salah is not valid.. Also,if Nail paint is polished before doing wudhu,then wudhu would not be matter then the nail pain contains intoxicating alcohol or not because nail paint is as coating on nails..when wudhu is to be done,then water should reach every part of hand,and if the nails are coated with paint,then how water will enter in the nails as water only reaches the nail paint or coating..nail paint doesnt allow water to pass through the wudhu as well as Namaz is unvalid in that case

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Exactly Ubi, and that is what I said that only if she performed wudu before applying nail polish.

Also you can not use Perfume or Deodorant which contain alcohol.

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Yes bro..u r ryt..but bro pls change this answer into comment

(Feb 03 '13 at 13:03) Ubi ♦ Ubi's gravatar image
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