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esselamu aleykum everyone i have a question about the heaven: for example if one muslim is praying 5 times a day and he does good things and gives money to poor people...and another muslim prays 5 times a day and he doesnt do good things and give money...they will get the same reward in heaven ?

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It is up to Allah , there is a hadeeth in the forty Nawawee book , i am not going to put the whole thing because i do not know it in english but what i put is what i understand to english , the hadeeth says that someone who is aperinatly to succeed can cange and go to hell , but someone who is apperintly to go to hell Allah can change him and he goes to Paradise. So it is up to Allah if someone succeed or not.

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so are you saying that level 1 jannah is worse than level 7.. ? and if a muslim only comes to jannah stage 1 he will never ever feel the joy that the muslims have in stage 7.. he will be in stage 1 for eternity? am i correct? and what does atheists go to hell for eternity or what?

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thanks for your answers

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A man in heaven once experienced a most beautiful scent so he asked the angel nearby where was this coming from the angel replied-that scent is coming from the man above you who just turned in his sleep the man then asked-how is he above me to which the angel replied-during his earthly life he recited one basmallah more than you.

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Allah Messenger [salallahu aleyhi wasalam] have said 'verily for every action is but intention' this means everyone will be rewarded the actions they have done by their intentions so if someone gave money away for the sake of Allah he is rewarded by Allah but if he gave it away for the sake of someone other then Allah than Allah does not reward that person and says to him get your reward from that person in who's sake you gave away, and there is another Hadith which says, 'If someone does something for the sake of Allah and for the sake of someone else at the same time, Allah rejects that action from that person and leaves for the other' so the reason why an atheist or someone who has joined partners with Allah will end up in hell fire for eternity is that they had the intention of wanting doing that or not believing Allah for eternity therefore, Allah judges them according to their intention but death over takes them.

The point is that they had the intention of never to believe Allah eternity as long as they live.

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no there are 7 layers of heaven each one getting bigger greater and filled with more reward if you would like to have a "tour" of jannah i have a perfect lecture he based all he said from hadith

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its very beautiful it makes you really want to try your hardest to get into jannah

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actually there is no jelousy or feelings of hate in heaven you wont be mad your their or hope to be at a higher level and you had life on earth to try to get to the highest level but the prophets allow anyone to go to their property and drink from the kauthar and if you keep doing istighfar in hell you can go to heaven and eventually everyone will but this would take very very long time and the people who were sent to hell then were forgiven will have black faces still so you will know that they were punished in hellfire this is to what i understand im not one hundred percent posotive.

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