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Alhamdullilah I am a practicing muslim man of 18 years old.

One day when I was around 14 going to an Islamic school, I suddenly felt a great affection for one of the sisters in class. Despite knowing her in school prior to the feeling, everything changed from that point forward. She went to the same public high school as me, and we are also in the same college. She is a very good and active muslimah in the community, I am good friends with her brother who is around our age, her family is close to ours as well, and our backgrounds are very similar. This feeling of love is not limited to sexual desire, but is one that makes my heart tremble, and I can't hold back a tiny smile every time i see her in the community. I feel that this is "true love", and I really want to marry her inshallah. I haven't mentioned this to anyone, and i my only fear is that she may not feel a "true love" as i do, and i really do not know how to start the marriage process. Does Allah place a form of hub "Love" in the hearts of two Muslims like this?

If a knowledgeable or experienced person can help, may Allah reward your time. Thank you.

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Masalam! Bro i im experiencin the same thing you re going through. May(Allah azawa jalah) fulfil ur needs and keep you together...

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May Allah help as both, it helps to know im not alone at the least.

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If truly you love her,dont tell her directly with your mouth,letter e.t.c. but tell your parent about it.If they also like her,tell them to visit her parents on your behalf.but if your parents do not want her,dont do anything by yourself.just forget ever marrying her. If her parents do not accept you, dont force the marriage because before you can wed in Islam,both parties /parents/ must agree.if one refuses dont force the relationship.also remember that DATING Is not permissible in Islam.if the lady also disagree don't force her.if both parties agree and also the lady in question agree,then both parents of both party will start investigation.i.e their problem,background,religion knowledge,belief,disease e.t.c. of both party.during that period,both of you must stop seeing eachother.IF THE INVESTIGATION IS SUCCESSFUL THEN YOUR FAMILY WILL PAY THE DOWRY OF THE LADY NO MATTER WHAT THEY REQUEST FOR.YOU MUST ALSO TRY NOT TO try anything funny e.g kissing,shaking,hugging,going out,expecially sex/haram/ with one another during this period except when the dowries has been paid and after the NIKKAH. accordance with the SUNNAH

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Assalam o Aleikum.. Brother, this is a natural occuring phenomenon among humans tht they are attracted by opposite genders, especially at ur age. I dont think tht it would be a bad thing if you have fallen in love with her but wht you must do is tht, dont pursue your feelings, calm ur emotions and do not increase your feelings towards her intentionally. Moreover, as you're in love and both families have close bonds too, do not forget to maintain the level of Hijaab or Pardah. Pray to Allah and seek guidance from the Quran. INSHAHALLAH, He'll help you and you both will be one soon if it would be better for you both.


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