Asalamualaykum I am a 15 year old Muslimah living in the UK, recently I have wanted to start wearing the Niqab but I am not sure if now is the right time because once I start wearing it I don't want to stop wearing it and I have plans to continue studying (College, university) Advice on whether it is the right time or if I should wait yet. Please help, really confused. Jazakallah.

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Start with wearing Hijab (all muslim girls should wear hijab as it is obligatory onto them but not the niqaab), and if you can keep hijab then do Niqaab. Because it will not be good as one day you wear Niqaab and the other day you go to college without covering your face.

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Salaam I am already wearing my hijab and jilbab Alhamdulillah, but I wasn't sure on whether it is the right time to wear Niqab or if I should wait until marriage

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Then you can start wearing Niqaab. But before you do, I want to tell you that when you will apply for your Identity Card or Passport etc. you would have to remove Niqaab because your face is your identity and Islam also tells you to wear Hijab because of this reason that your face is your identity. So you should be ready for that and you shouldn't get upset. And of course Niqaab is more better for you then Hijab. :-)

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Yes but family is advising me to wait yet because of college and society

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Wa Alikum Assalam. In Islam, a girl has to obey the Islamic rules at the age of 9. Namaz, fast (Roza), Hijab becomes all WAJIB on her. She has to follow and obey the rules of Allah from the age of 9. You should definitely wear Niqab because it is included in the proper hijab for Muslim women.

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