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Is there any basis in Islam that warrants calling for girls [especially those living in the western world] to observe a 3 months waiting period before Marriage viewing the fact that corruption is high and prevalent within the western society and that one may not know which is which from among the girls is pure?

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There is no obligation on subjecting girls in corrupt societies to the waiting period of three months however, there is No religious objection for someone who decides to wait either.

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You should do this in the knowledge sharing page. MASALLAM

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If somebody wants to do that , then they can do but one should not make it an obligation of religion otherwise it will be termed as biddah [i.e. religious innovation] which is not correct.... If somebody is so determine to check on that , then why not go for a medical checkup and decide whether the girl is pregnant of not , by that way it will be clear that "who's who and Which is from which " thing.... Allah knows best

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