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Life was never easy for us. my parents are saperated, my father is bipolar.. he keeps on marrying and wishes to do the same again... times are so tough with no job, almost bankrupt,no scope of getting married (given my father's bad name)i wish i could just go away somewhere and completely divert my self to prayers and prayer.. all i can think about is my mother she is alone and what will happen if i cannot proovide her with some happiness atleast now ... when i am capable enough to be my mother's support.It is her good reputation that i can keep my head held high today and i have to be here for her.. I don't know what should i do. I cannot seem to see whats right or wrong... God i have done some terrible things in life. I am just way too depressed please remember me in prayers. i feel like dying.

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Walaykumsalaam I will remember you in y Duas, may Allah bless you and grant you success. Ameen. Pray sincerely and make dua to Allah, and he will guide you.

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