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Asalamualaykum, I'm looking for prayer/dua for my son. He is three years old and has a diagnosis of autism and a sensory integration disorder. He was first diagnosed at 15months old. I receiving in home therapy to teach him how to use sign language and eventually speak, use his hands and feet properly, basically everything that comes natural in life to people never came naturally to my son. He talks, but he says a lot of the the same things over and over, and he doesn't really understand what appropriate conversation with people are. It comes off as being disrespectful but he really doesn't understand wrong and right.they believe he has been having silent seizures also. He still doesn't know how to feed himself. He now goes to a special needs school in Massachusetts and receives help to play with other kids. Intellectually, he is very smart and above his age. His mind is photographic, he can look at a large puzzle and put it together without looking or trying hard. But socially he acts like a baby still. He makes baby noise, likes to be held like a baby and cuddle with a blanket. He also doesn't like anyone he doesn't know to talk to him. He is very afraid of loud noises, he is very afraid of the ocean and talks about it a lot. He also has allergies to foods, dust, dust mites, outdoor allergies all seasons, he has asthma, he has skin rashes (eczema). He jumps in place over and over again and flaps his hands aggressively. He bites himself when he gets corrected or told no. I want him to have a normal life later on, but a lot of doctors and therapists say that this may not happen, they say he may never be able to drive a car, go to university, get married or live on his own. He gets sick a lot with high fevers and bad colds that cause him to have trouble breathing, he has been admitted to the hospital a few times for a week at a time. Please help me with some kind of prayer for my Zeeshan Ali. He is my youngest child and I've don't every and still do everything to teach him everything I can, but I can't change his mental state of development. Thank you very much for your help.

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Thank you foryour prayers! It means so much to have added prayers for my son , I continue to pray for you all as well.

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Inshallah Allah grants your son a fast recovery & healthy life one day soon! He is in my duaa!

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Your son is inside my dua list. So don't worry, brother.

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Thank you very much. I will also pray for you and your family.

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Inshallah Allah will grant him good health and a speedy recovery. My Duas are with you, your son and family.

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