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Salam everyone! I know this might sound weird.. but I was never taught how to pray as a young child, I am now 14 years old and have some questions about praying and it would be awesome if you sisters and brothers could help me out? So, I visited this website and it shows you all the prayers and what time they are to be prayed. I know you are suppose to pray 5 prayers a day, so why if there 6? Are there mandatory prayers? Must you pray sunrise if that is a prayer? & can you pray over someone else's voice until you memorize the whole prayer? I'm so sorry this probably sounds really confusing but if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! May Allah bless you and your families, ya rab.

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best prayers are ramadan i think called tahajjud and praying outside of the 5 salaats thank god this person has reminded everyone of islamic prayer duties

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Thanks so much, the help is greatly appreciated. May Allah bless you.

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As Salam alaykum I would love to help! Ok 1. You asked why is there 6(there is actually 12 I think but let's focus on the 5). Ok your speaking of early morning prayer which is the prayer that is before sunrise prayer. That prayer is not fard (obligatory). Your 5 obligatory prayers are sunrise (2rakahs),noon (4rakahs), afternoon (4rakahs), evening (3rakahs), night (4rakahs). now.. I was taught how to pray over the computer alhamdulillah he gave me verses of the Qur'an in Arabic and I wrote them in a little book and used it while I prayed . With time I memorized. I need to know better of what it is you still need for your prayer. Nchallah I will help you with all you need

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Thank you very much! You're very nice, I appreciate the help. May Allah give you a great healthy and happy life.

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