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assalumulakum dear sister and bothers in islam i have been very woried and scared of my feelinggs lately and that allah swt will get angry at me. Recently my sister has been getting very close to my cousin and she has not been spending much time with me anymore. I am a young adult and should act like an adult but this scincerly hurts my heart to see her so attached to our cousin. I am not as close to the cousin as she is but i now think my heart has a disease of jelousy. I know jelousy is very bad and a muslim should quickly fix it but i dont really know how. My jelousy for there relation has made me have hatred towards ur cousin. Im so scared i will say something bad these thoughts are burried in my heart and im scared i will do something wrong. Evertime she talks about our cousin a form of jelousy forms. Im so scared and now i try to avoid my sister because im afraid i will say something ill regret.Plzz help me dear brothers and sisters, what should i do to remove these evil thoughts WALLAKUMASSALUM

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Wa Alaykum Assalam, brother/sister. I had a similar issue. Hatred was born, and produced to my brother every time. All I did was to ask Allah for help. When you ask Allah for patience, Allah does not give you patience, but gives you an opportunity to be patient. I highly recommend you to do the same. My answer hopefully helped you.

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Always seek refuge from ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA AGIAINST THE SHAIYTAN Whenever the taughts arrive.

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