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I have some of my school friends who are girl so is it allowed in islam we dont hang out togather at present we are in different cities so sometimes we just had a talk on phone or chat online. I dont have any feelings for them I mean to make them my girlfriend neither they have any feeling for me so is it halal to have girls as a friend or I hae to cut off from them totally.

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Yes, as long as you are getting along with each other.

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No!!! it is impermissible to make a friend with a girl in islam.Becouse the prophet of Allah said"when a women and a man are along together,is like a fire along with a petroleum.

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This person needs to use his head a little more. There were no telephones during the time of Muhammad(saw) he was speaking about PHYSICAL contact. Obviously, if you are to engage in trading certain pictures and certain perverse talk this is forbidden, but by this above poster's logic, I can't even call my local shop-rite to see if their open if a woman answers. Also, take the fact that many Muslims live in the West, where men and women mingle all the time, WORK TOGETHER, school TOGETHER, I guess we should stay home on welfare instead.

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Brother Islam is for every age and era, so you can not say that it was for this or that time. The thing is, man and woman can talk but only to the purpose and not useless talks, even women came to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to ask in matters, to know the ruling of Islam. I think there is a hadith (S.A.W) as well regarding the limits for conversation between a man and woman but I don't have the exact reference.

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Family can't afford private school, thus kid goes to public school with girls. In Islam is this right? Well a family without money, what can they do? All the boy can do is lower his gaze, maybe even ignore women...but then, he is not social, could be bullied, and does not gain experience with the society he is trying to educate himself in and prosper. I am speaking about being practical, there's so many "hiram police" out there.

As far as the limits of conversation, I think you uncovered a gem here. Well said, I think you gave the best answer for sure.

(Feb 11 '13 at 17:37) Vision821 Vision821's gravatar image

It is not allowed in Islam.

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It is just like fire and petroleum. Prophet Muhammad stated that it is a big sin. alt text

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just think about it, do some research and you'll find that only when you high five a girl it is worse than putting your hand in allahs fire

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I know that it is difficult especially in the West to avoid being friends with the opposite gender. But it is true that such friendships aren't allowed (not judging here! It's great that you want to find out about it), and there are logical reasons as to why it isn't allowed.

  1. Firstly, when you start a friendship with someone of the opposite sex you become closer, and eventually one of you may start liking the other, whether it takes a week or years. Think about it, when someone is kind to you and you get along well with them it's hard not to like them and you may start fancying them.
  2. Also, at first you may not ever think about dating them, but taking the first step (aka making friendships with them) may lead you to commit this sin, and eventually others too like adultery etc. That's why spending time with the opposite sex who we aren't married to or are family is forbidden, this removes the temptation.

There are other reasons too, but I hope this helped :)

I'd recommend listening to some talks from scholars though on this issue aswell (try youtube?), as they are a lot more knowledgeable in these matters.

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So we're not allowed to make any friends from the opposite gender. Then how exactly do we get to meet the person whom we're going to get married? Surely, a spouse doesn't just pop up out of nowhere. You understanding is that you have friends of the opposite gender, one of whom you eventually fall in love with, and later on you get married. Is that not how it works? I really don't understand these prohibitions. My parents met each other in college, and started dating. After graduating, they got married, and I happened to be born. Are you telling me my parents are sinners because they met and started dating in college? Can't we date the person whom we want to marry? What are we supposed to do, keep our distances from each other until graduation? If we kept our distance, it would only discourage the affection we have for one another. By the time we graduated, the desire to get married would have faded. Am I wrong?

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bullshit. of course Islam promotes friendship. all over Quran it states that men and women carry equal responsibility (except when their biological roles do not allow it). dont listen to maniacs. any kind of friendship is allowed. remember what Rumi said: we accept everyone

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