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sir, im a phobic person. i have been in constant fear for about 5 months now. every now and then i take simple complications as serious ones and get hot flashes. from 5 months i m undergoing serious depression due to this. i started to pray five times a day, but one day i got some panic attacks in between nimaz. from then i never prayed again. i am fearful of praying again as i think i will get panic attacks between nimaz also n my heart will get severe palpitations. sir i know this is some crazy stuff, but i do want to live my life again as i was before and pray five times a day, but this fear isnt letting me to do so..... sir i really want some help....

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The problem is that you fear unnecessarily, which means you don't have total control over your mind and thinking and that is why you are an easy victim for Shaitan. Because Shaitan whispers you and because of your fear, the whispers of shaitan then become the part of your imagination and if those whispers remains in your mind for few moments then it becomes your thinking. So, the best cure is that you should Fear Allah (S.W.T) and say to yourself I fear only Allah, he is my protector. Holy Qur'an says,

Say: "Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Maula (Lord, Helper and Protector)." And in Allah let the believers put their trust. [Holy Qur'an 9:51]

And, just ignore your fear and whispers of shaitan and In Shaa Allah you will be free from this. But first you should have clear thinking and take control of your mind.

And don't miss prayers, don't you see shaitan is trying to stop you from praying because when you stop praying you are ignoring the command of Allah (S.W.T), and that is what shaitan wants. So don't ignore Allah's command but ignore fear and whispers.

Recite Ayatul Kursi 3 times when ever any fear strikes you. And make your mind that now I have recited Ayatul Kursi and now I am in the protection of Allah (S.W.T) [Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and whatever is between them]. You should also recite Surah Mulk before going to bed.

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