Assalam Alaykum. I was a bad child, since I went to first grade. After I entered the eight grade, I suddenly started to watch a Japanese cartoon, which taught me what peace, justice, friendship means. I am embarrassed to tell this, but there is one character who is praised as the best in his whole generation. I want to become like him, smart, observant, sharp, able to perceive things quickly, strong, convincing, trustworthy. Am I on the right path? If it is right to do that, I will swear to be truthful, pray 5 times a day, accomplish what I have to, etc. The character is also not arrogant. He taught that a true powerful person must NOT become arrogant, because when people are complimented, they become completely arrogant, and withdrawn, and most importantly, they act tough.

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Assalamualikum Rahmatullah dear brother,

When you see something, you must see the positive things helping you in your life. Thats what you just did. Learning from all kind of things.

Don't be exactly that CHARACTER, but learn some positive things from him. For exemple, when you said "a true powerful person", you can replace it as a leader, a president or a chief, etc. in realy life. So, if you want to become a true leader, don't become arrogant. This is how you must aplly positive things.

Inshallah dear, I hope it helped.

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