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There this song and its really catchy and i like it. Its in the swahili language but its really calming to me. Turns out the lyrics are a Christian Prayer. Its "our lord jesus.." and that stuff. Am i allowed to listen to this song or would it be shirk?

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Its shirk. The song is praising Jesus peace be upon him as lord. When I hear these kinds of things being I live with a devote Christian mother.. I say astaghfiroallah just for hearing it not intentionally , put in my head phones and listen to Qur'an alhamdulillah.

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Any song that is against the oneness of god is not good for muslim. Remember that none has right to worship or praise except ALLAH.

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No, you can not listen to that song. And Yes, it would be shirk.

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You can not because song is one of shaiytan instruments especially when it speaks against oneness of Allah subhana wat'ala

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