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I will start off by saying that I am a Christian, and do not mean to disrespect your beliefs and religion. I have a friend who is Muslim, and have tried to learn much about your religion since. For my studies, I am required to do a research paper on a controversial topic of choice. I chose my topic to be the crisis of "Islamophobia" that appears in the West, such as the United States, especially since 9/11. As sad as it is, Muslims are misunderstood and often regarded as "terrorists" here in the US, especially since 9/11. Honestly, I am extremely ashamed of this society I live in because I know that Islam is not bad, nor evil in the slightest. Christians most definitely have their share of cruel people, so I don't understand this "Islamophobia" that seems to be happening here. If anything, I think that these two religions can learn from one another. Anyway, to get down to the root of my question, I simply wanted to ask you about a social experiment that I was thinking about. To further show in my research paper how the Western world is prejudiced against Islam, and how to propose solutions, I wanted to see for myself. I am not Muslim, but I wanted to wear a niqab and observe the reactions of the public around me. I also thought that this would help me understand what it's like for a Muslim to try to live in this country. You might think I'm ignorant and foolish, but I've been thinking about this for a while now and finally decided that I should probably get some insight on it. So any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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I don't think that you are ignorant or foolish because you are not only trying to learn what difficulties Muslims face in the West but you also want to experiment and experience it. So, I should say go ahead. AHAMDULILLAH I also lived in West (United Kingdom) so I can say that there are not much against Islam especially in the area where I used to live (Glasgow), but its the Media who highlights only negative,it brainwashes the mind of common people to fear against Islam.

So, why only shows the negative? Here is the recent report that each year 5,000 Brits embraces Islam of which 75 per cent are women. Her is the link,

Another link,

If Islam was an extremist religion or Islam oppressed women, then how come majority of reverts are women of West. Actually Islam gives them their due respect and they feel more secure in Islam.

I suggest you to check on Youtube, and quote the stories of reverts to Islam and How and Why they choose Islam?

You can search how many Americans are embracing Islam each year. Actually it is the fastest-growing religion in the world.

It shows that it is only the Media that shows only negative about Islam and filling terror into the minds of common people in West and making them "Islamophobic" .

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Lolx, who down voted my above reply and why?

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I did because the veil of Muslim woman should not be tested out like some kind of prototype . People are going to be afraid of the truth until the end of time. They want to follow their own laws and not gods. Also don't you think that she should speak to Muslim woman about their struggles instead of posing as one ?.

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There is nothing wrong if she wears it to experience the difficulties of Muslim Woman. Don't you know when Western Female Reporters came in middle east (i.e. Iran) they cover their faces. And if they cover its actually good for themselves. And Muslim women will also be more open to her if she cover herself while asking them. In winters, all women around the world covered themselves even men, Christian Nuns cover themselves just like Muslim women. No one is playing with Allah's word but actually obeying his command. And covering herself is a choice for every woman regardless Muslim or not.

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Yes in times of being around others for respect to wear it, not just to see how people treat you there is a difference. She wants to wear it to see how she will be treated(around non Muslims) Then she will remove it . Its only for research."I wanted to see for myself. I am not Muslim, but I wanted to wear a niqab and observe the reactions of the public around me". Its her choice to do this or not. I just wanted her to look into more of what it stands for and want her to understand its not to be played with only.

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She could quote her own experience which will have more weight then asking and it will be for welfare of Muslims, I don't feel it to be wrong. I will repeat, haven't you seen female reporters covering for the time they ask questions to our Muslim ladies? Who knows if she will like it and will not remove? Actually Christianity also tells her to cover.

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Ok yes I understand. You don't think it's wrong and I do if she does not cover for her own choice on a regular basis the Only reason why she should is if it's out of Respect. That's how I feel . Now there's really no reason to keep going on this as we don't have to agree on everything. Thanks for your opinion as I respect your knowledge greatly. And insha Allah she will choose to cover herself for the right reasons insha Allah.

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I wouldn't say it is disrespectful and you could definitely see the struggle that our lives have become.

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What do people who go to church and call themselves believers not understand about the very own bible they claim to believe in, if they do not apply what it has in every way?

Specifically there is a part in one of the letters about females being covered.

Does that not matter to Christian women?

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