asssalamu alaikum warahmatu'allah, i was born as a muslim and i was not practicing ISLAM until last year. But allah subhanahu wata'alaa has shown me the light and the path .. InSha Allah im following and practicing islam as much as i can now. and im trying to be a true believer (100%) i know that we muslims have to believe in the unseen and those things .. and i do too believe ... please dont judge me when i ask this question.. the Shaitan is trying to play with my mind through this question...

Q. Allah Subhanahu wata'alaa knows where we will go ( jannah or jahannam) or we will be believers or not even before we are born... its written already .. and thus, we have the CHOICE to choose ?? It would be very helpful for me to empower my faith towards the religion and allah, if i get an answer for this very evil question ...i know there will be a very clear solution for this ... its just that i dont know and i seek the light of truth ... jazak allah kairan

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Its simple Allah subhana WA taala knows what we choose ! Subhana Allah. Fallow your heart seek refuge from Satan in Allah subhana WA taala . Allah subhana WA taala knows best!

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simple as that .... :) jazakAllah khairan

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Thank me not alhamdulillah I will help anytime I can insha Allah.

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Brother, there is logical answer for your question as well.

Yes, you are right that Allah (S.W.T) knows what we will do. The thing is we have already made our choices and that is why we say Allah (S.W.T) knows what we will do, Allah (S.W.T) gave us authority and showed us right and wrong, but it was we that have chose right or wrong for ourselves.

Allah (S.W.T) doesn't what us to be thrown into Hellfire but he is Oft Forgiving and Most Merciful. Holy Qur'an says,

What comes to you of good is from Allah , but what comes to you of evil, [O man], is from yourself. [Holy Qur'an 4:79]

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jazakAllah khairan ... may allah (S.W.T) grant us understanding ..

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Let me give you a more insightful response, a more detailed one and I think more accurate.

Christians, Jews, they believe that Allah(swt) will walk the land of earth. See Jesus, for example, the Jews, well the Jews actually are pretty silent here.

But it tells us in the Qur'an that Allah(swt) is OUTSIDE his creation, this is very clear. So we know that time was created, see universe and the studies that can prove time, did, in fact, come into existence. Allah(swt) is OUTSIDE the creation, thus he does not deal with the same time that we consider, in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, etc.

What does this all mean then?

Let me twist your question into a more satisfactory answer for a disbeliever.

If Allah(swt) had a written plan for me to be a criminal, than why should I be responsible?

The issue here is "free choice." This can be a HUGE problem in other religions, but Islam is a very unique concept here. We can actually CHOOSE between right and wrong, and we are free to think.

So is your question from Shaytan?

Of course not. We come from a beautiful beautiful religion where straight up the Qur'an says, you do not believe this is the word of God? Then test it! "If it was not from God surely they would find many contradictions in it."

I grew up Christian, but never really believed because of the thousands of error in the Bible, and theologically, the Bible doesn't add up morally, etc etc.

Find ONE contradiction? JUST ONE?

I said, boy this is going to be so easy.

Alhumdu'allah I could NOT do it.

Over and over the Qur'an tells us to "reflect" to "think" so the idea that you said basically, are having these thoughts wrong? Sister, you come from a religion that doesn't teach "blind faith" you come from Islam and Islam can be proven to be true. What is contained in the Qur'an could not have been know at the time, it is absolutely mind boggling.

Brian (United States)

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I really appreciate your effort. And yes Allah(S.W.T) is outside creation because Creator can not be the part of Creation. And we also know that Time is itself a creation, Time depends upon the rotation of Earth, and there are planets where time is different. However the question was

"Allah Subhanahu wata'alaa knows where we will go ( jannah or jahannam) or we will be believers or not even before we are born... its written already .. and thus, we have the CHOICE to choose ?"

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its just my lack of knowledge .. its very clear now ... may allah guide us all..

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P.S. - Here is another example.

If God is ALL POWERFUL than could God make a rock so heavy that even He couldn't move it?

Yes he can. So God is not strong to move a rock? oops...

I mean, no he can't. But I thought your God could do ANYTHING? oops..

Stumped Christians for years, truly it is a HUGE issue there.

But for Muslims?

Nope. Allah(swt), once again, says He is OUTSIDE his creation, not even a part of time like we know.

Are you starting to see now? It is okay to think, but really investigate, and always, even after listening to me, refer to those who have the true knowledge, the scholars.

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dear brother/sister in islam, you have been a great help. i thank you and may allah bless you with mercy. this makes absolute sense, and it is for us to make sure of the knowledge others provide.. we have these questions because of the lack of knowledge .. may allah grant us understanding

jazakAllah khairan

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Islam has answer for the above question as well. There are 2 things.

  1. Allah (S.W.T) doesn't do things against his Sovereignty. Allah (S.W.T) doesn't do these circus. (i.e lifting rocks)

  2. One of the 99 Holy Names of Allah(S.W.T) is Al-Qadir (The Omnipotent/The Able). So if they think that Allah(S.W.T) has to lift a heavy rock with his own hands like Hercules, then they have made very low standards for Allah(S.W.T). Allah(S.W.T) says "Be" and it is, don't we see how the whole universe stands firm with huge masses but without any pillars or support? Its because of Allah's Amr (Will).

Allah(S.W.T) gives something a weight or not. Every human possesses some weight because of gravity of the earth but if we go to outer space our weight becomes zero or if we go to a planet which has a higher gravity then our planet then our weight will increase as well.

because Weight = mass x gravity

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