Now updated: Ramadan calendar - husband always hurts me by insulting in front of othrs by using rude words he always fails to understand me..evn efter spending the night in the morning he is the same acts like he is single..stubborn..he is a businessman he studied til 7th n m a commerce student learnt in a cbse private school and i desire love affection a friend in a husband...but he never tries to be compatible even if i go down to his level..try to make tasty food to impress him but he discorages me everytimme by telling what new nonsence u making after having the food. i smile at him but he never looks in my eyes with a twinkle.i am badly in need of love n respect from my husband..i don wanna be i hell plz help me how to live a life with such a person....towards allah and heaven.

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thats what is the problem when i try to explain about any matter he feels he knows everything he gives me a negative answer like dont spoil my mood now n as per the rights of a wife i stay quiet n later cry in his absence what should i do when he doesnt have the audacity to sit wt me talk softly....

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and can u plz answer to my other questionb on parents and husband.

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Salaam Alakoum

My wife may answer something else with this screen name because I asked her too, so if you see two separate messages, then that is why.

I agree with the idea of communication, but I think this is a little more easier, more like, easier said than actually done.

from islamic perspective, show him how the prophet Muhammad(saw) treated his wives. In fact, Muhammad(saw said, the best of you all, is the one who is the best to his wife. hadith, what hadith? not sure, google it, authentic thought, without a doubt.

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