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i have to be constantly reminded to pray ect and i want to be independant and do it myself and improve my faith

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Actually there are many ways by which you can do to improve your Imaan. Beside praying you should recite Qur'an with translation so that you will understand, Holy Qur'an says,

The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely - [Holy Qur'an 8:2]

I would also advice you to search for Islamic Lectures on Youtube. My favorite speakers are Zakir Naik, Noman Ali Khan and Yousuf Estees.

You should also read free islamic books, which are in abundant on the internet. Some of my favorite and free sources include,

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With the above poster who named Yusuf Estes, etc etc. I will listen some great speakers, similar to the one has has mentioned. Here is a list.

Nouman Ali Khan, Hussein Lee, Zakir Naik, Abdurheem Green, Yusuf Estes,really anything involving peace TV, many of them are great.

The reason I suggest these people for your deen, is the extensive knowledge they have about Islam, but the main increase of deen is to read the Qur'an and work on salaat I think this is very clear. However, especially today, speakers can be good because it is important to come away with an intellectually sound understanding of the Qur'an and also Sunnah. Sunnah will help you with understanding the Qur'an more as well.

As always, which I should have done but will start now, one should check an authentic scholar before making rash decisions.

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Slowly adapt sunnan of the Prophet (PBUH).

Every day you should try to remove a small habit, even if it seems small, and replace it with a good habit. For example instead of quickly returning to whatever it is you where doing before salah, spend 1 minute doing thikir. Also slowly adapt sunnan of the Prophet (PBUH), so if one day things go wrong at let you sunnahs will serve as a safety net to your Iman. Finally, never underestimate the power of Dua. I hope this helps inshaallah. Salams.

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I'd like to add to the already great answers nchallah. Make sure when you remember something whether it be an ayat or ahadith , apply it. Its a good way to understand and apply it to your life. That way the information or knowledge isn't just there ots also acted upon. Hope that helps Allah subhana WA taala knows best

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