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ASA, I have tenants who live in our loft who are romanian and non-muslims. They have asked if they are allowed a puppy to stay in the loft with them. As a muslim, I wasn't so sure and was wondering if it is ok for them to keep a puppy in the loft and away from our living space? They have assured us that the puppy is well looked after and that it will not come and invade our space. They are very good tenants so I believe that if it is allowed they will do their utmost to keep the dog away from me and my family.


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There is a hadith narrated on the authority of Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah, may peace and blessings be upon him, said, "Whoever keeps a dog, other than the dogs for hunting, securing agricultural land or livestock, indeed two qeerat (a weight of about .195g) are taken away from his rewards everyday." (Muslim, in his Saheeh, Tirmithi and an-Nissaai.)

In this hadith is the prohibition of keeping a dog except for these 3 reasons: hunting, securing livestock and agricultural or farm land. Imam an-Nawawi has mentioned in his explanation of Saheeh Muslim that the scholars have differed regarding the permissibility of keeping a dog for a necessity that resembles one of the necessities that were just mentioned. Some of them said this rationality is permissible due to qiyas (deduction by analogy) (this is studied in the science of Fiqh) and others said that rationale is not permissible in this instance, acting upon what is evident and apparent in the hadith.

So according to this hadith I would say no it is wrong.

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No, no, no. I could not disagree with the above poster even more. The hadith is correct, in fact, there is another one that goes on to state those angels will not visit the person that keeps dogs in their house. Again, let's be practical here, the dogs we have today are not the dogs Muhammad(saw) had running around like stray cats, which could contain diseases and everything else. In fact, one time in the mosque, a dog urinated in the mosque, and Muhammad(saw) saw the believers were disgusted and he looked at it as a very beautiful scenario, didn't even require water to wash it. (remember this is a ground OUTSIDE, not carpet like the mosques today where the smell would accumulate)

As Muslims, let's be a little more tolerant, if they have a dog and it is not in your living quarters, I say to allow it. In fact, I think to leave somebody out to dry that they can not have this animal because it is against your religion, is not the right thing to do here. I really do not support the fact of doing this, sometimes it is good to overlook small things in order for the bigger picture, with the news and everything, let's show the world we are understanding and can adapt to a certain extent to meet in the middle.

The sin of having a dog, if applicable (don't believe it is, these are DOMESTIC pets today, their dogs were more WILD) is on them for having it, not because you were nice enough to tolerate it. Muslims can not eat pig, if they bring pork in the house to eat, does this affect your deen?

Allah(swt) guide you in this situation, Ameen.

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