Assalam Alaykum. I'm 13 years old, male. I have an 12 year old brother. My biggest dream was to make him a well educated, smart, polite, handsome man. But everything right now is going opposite. He back-talks me when I teach him something, screams "Why?! Do it yourself!" It just happens that I lost my hope for him. My dream is a piece of trash now. I do not know what to do. Please tell me, what shall I do?\ Note: He got his school grades today, and the grades were amazing.

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I know how you feel brother, I am 18 and I have a sister around 12 who used to be the same. Most of the time the sibling doesn't take you serious, they don't care what you think, or they take everything you say as an insult. I can see that despite just a year difference, you have many expectations for your brother, may Allah grant you both the best. You should begin to change completely, not just around him, but in all aspects, small things that will give you respect overtime help greatly. Whenever your brother insults you or screams, simply stay quite look casual and walk away. At first it takes alot of will power, and it may seem pointless, but overtime your brother will begin to feel like the bad guy, and will inshAllah lighten up. Don't forget to also help out in small things; buying a lunch, helping with chores, etc. small things that will make him indebted to you. Finally your brother is only 12, he still has many years to mature inshaallah, when you get older and can drive him places you will see he will lighten up even more, as long as he engages in the good and preserves his deen, he can grow up to be a proud sibling of yours. I hope this helps. Salamwalaykum.

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Thanks for the advice.

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