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Assalam o Alikum I am so confused and sad these days, my problem is I had a friendship with a boy for two years and now the problem is that guy wants to marry me but he is not settle and 2 years younger than me and lives in another city, I told my mother about him but it was too late my parents has accepted someone else proposal for me and she said If there was something like so I should tell her before now they has fixed my marriage and I should forget that guy and leave him. that person loves me alot and wants to marry me in any way, due to the respect of my parents I told him that I can't talk to him anymore or if Allah has written you for me so I will come to you in anyway, but now I have to leave.. its been 2 weeks i didn't talk to him or chat with him. but i continuously think that i did wrong or I am scared that that guy wont do anything wrong with me or himself , I do really care for the respect of my parents I don't want that my parents have to face any difficulty because of me or that guy will trace my address etc.. what do i do would any one please help me :(

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Salam sister! I pray to ALLAH AZZA WA JAL that HE give you power and feeling to realize right and wrong as well as the power to adopt the right and leave the wrong. I have read your problem and i realized that there is a good Muslim some where in you but it needs some tension to bring out... however you must have do a WAZIFA for your comfort of heart. I have mentioned some easy wazaif on my blog. I hope you will find solution to your problem. ~Link Removed~

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walikum Assalam bhai, I am so sad these days have no idea what i did was right or wrong but i had no choice ,respect of my parents are most important before anything but i didn't find comfort either.. i do care for that person too but don't want to talk him again i want to stop myself trying to find ways for get out of this situation.would do tell me if their any consequences i will have to face because i hurt him. there are too many thoughts comes in my mind and even i couldn't sleep. need your prayers.

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Salam sister! May ALLAH give your heart comfort.My suggestion is that Pray to ALLAH to forget that guy because if you will think about him you will open the Door for shaitan/devil in you which will definitely lead you towards hell. You keep read "YA ALLAHU YA RAMANU YA RAHEEMU" all day every time no matter you are in Wuzzu or not. Listen you did not heart that guy but the problem is that you both had chosen wrong way that is why you both are suffering.But now do not worry if you obey your parents ALLAH will forgive your previous mistake and you will IN SHA ALLAH AZZAWAJAL go to JANNAT.

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jazakAllah khair bhai for help .. please remember me in your prayers. walikum Assalam

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@Ali Bhai Post Wazaif yourself, if you really want to help someone and not to increase the traffic of your blog. If you really want to help someone why you want someone in need to search for any wazaif and waste his/her time?

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sharing a good site which may contain solutions to more than one problem is i think not a bad thing in forum....

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Brother I own sites as well so I exactly know what were you doing, you were adding the URL of your site at the end of your every post so that people will click it and your site traffic could increase. You were spamming the forum. Check again, I have removed link from every of your post, brother you are not the only webmaster here, we know all tricks. If you want to help someone paste the wazaif yourself. JazakAllah

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wa alaikum assalam.dear sister obeying parents is the most imp thing n u doing it..its all in allahs will whatever happens in ur life the guy ur parents have selected fr u myt be a better one than d 1 u know..1st thing is try to convince ur parents abt d guy u love if they agree go ahead if not don dissapoint ur parents..after ur engagement if u dont find the person compatible with u can give a explaination to ur parents..but meke sure that ur heart is true n islam is the religion of truth.

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Jazakillah Khair sister

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This is NOT Islam. In Islam YOU decide who you want to marry, I am shocked no other Muslims pointed this out. Tell them this is not part of Islam, but of course, in the best of manners. This is ridiculous culture crap.

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Brother you are just 50% right. In Islam boy and girl can only meet in presence of parents before marriage for consent of them. But, i think you did not read complete question of sister. Islam does not allow a girl and boy to meet and move towards love. And Islam does not allow them to meet alone because if a girl and boy will meet alone they will definitely become victim of devil/ Shaitan. If do not agree with me, You can contact any Alim/ Scholar to confirm what i said.

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You are right Ali Islam does not accept dating without parents consest/your parent and his parent/.nobody must go into relationship without parents approval.THE PROPHET SAID RIDOLLAHI FII RIDOLWAALI DAYNI WASUKTULLAHI FII SUKTILWAALIDAYNI(ALLAH subhana wat'ala mercy is in the mercy of your parent and Allah subhana wat'alka wrath,anger is in the anger of your parents) i.e if your parents are happy at you then Allah subhana wat'ala is happy with you but if they are angry with you then Allah subhana wat'ala is angry at you.the answer to the question is that both of you should seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wat'al and repent not to do it again i.e/relationship without parents consentl because it is not permissible in islam.also you did not break his heart.because what both of you did is not allowed.just beg him to forget it and ask him to seek forgiveness.accept the man they ask you to marry and there will be Allah subhana wat'ala blessing in it.than marrying the other guy. MASALLAM.ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA AND HS ROSUL KNOWS BEST

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JazakAllah khair for your advice, I left him and didn't go back to chat or talk to him but I am scared and continuously these thoughts teases me that if he does something wrong with himself or trying to do something wrong with me,because he is so emotional.if he comes to my home .. well there are so many thoughts comes im my mind. and even my mom asks what do you keep on thinking but I can't tell her. I know i did a big mistake I shouldn't do that, may Allah forgive me for what I did.

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Salam! sister you daily recite "Surah Fatiha" for 7 times after every prayer and then pray to ALLAH that "O ALLAH AZZA WA JAL i am back to your lightning and true way,please help me to stick here on right path, and save me from bad effects of my wrong step." and also keep reciting this whole day " AUZUBILLAHI MIN SHURURI ANFUSINA WA MIN SAYIAATI AAMALINA"....If guy tries to do something wrong then again tell me i will do something....

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walikum assalam Ali bhai , JazakAllah khair for your support , Dua you wrote I think I don't pronounce correctly , it will be so good if you give me any link in arabic.. I really need your dua. that person has sent me mail and was crying alot and said that he wont forgive me ever and said some more emotional things,Ali bhai please pray for me and for him too. Have no idea when will I live a normal life. .

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Salam! Sorry for late reply, Sister here is the link of Dua in arabic. I will start some spiritual remedy from today for you. So please keep in touch about your improvement. IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL, ALLAH will improve your condition. And please listen another thing that being a true Muslim you should be worried about Annoyance of ALLAH than Annoyance of a guy..Don't Mind

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Now that's what I was trying to tell you, paste the exact corresponding link. Now this is not spam but helping others. Keep it Up.

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JazakAllah khair Ali Bhai for help, may Allah reward you for your kindness.. remember me in your prayers

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Dont follow what The only hope left said follow what others in the forum told you to do.he is just using KAFIR KNOWLEDGE NOT ISLAMICAL.EVEN IF A MUSLIM ASK YOU TO DISRESPECT YOU PARENT DONT answer the person.look at the case of Prophet Ibrahim when he destroyed his father idols and shun him off. Still he was thrown into the fire if not that he was a prophet he would burn into ashes let alone you and i that are not prophet.FOLLOW YOUR PARENTS COMMAND EXCEPT THEY ASK YOU TO DO SHIRK.

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JazakAllah kahir brother, I know i did a big mistake. may Allah forgive me and accept my touba.

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