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If a husband and a wife have not had sexual relationship for a period of around 2 years, without solid reasons like travel, disease etc, is the marriage still valid? I have heard that the prophet(pbuh) has encouraged couples to have sexual initmacy regularly. If the wife has not yet recieved her Mehr, does she have the right to have sex with the husband?

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Yes, if wife does not have any objection regarding Mehar she can have Sex with husband. Your first question's answer is that if husband and wife are near to each other or Husband is not lost or Kidnapped and they do not have sexual relationship with their consent then their marriage is still standing. The purpose of marriage is that both will be saved from indulging in wrong Haram Sexual activities, if you or your husband are not committing this Sin of Zina then its OK your marriage is still standing. But if one of you needs sexual relationship and other is not accepting it to do which is his/ her right then the later one is committing a big big sin. In this case one can file case to get divorce. From: ~Link Removed~

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Post corresponding link as source, and don't advertise.

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Stop removing links

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You please don't interfere into the matters of this site or you yourself are Mr. Ali Bhai? No advertisement here, we don't want anyone to populate this Site with their sites url and not to the answers. This is not a random forum but it has standards. I myself has few sites but I do not advertise them here, because if we allow one, then every next person will advertise his site as well here, and this site will loose its worth.

And please I can not give you explanation again and again so don't say the same thing in every post in which I have removed site links. Thank You

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Brother believer!..are you the one who created this site..i mean are you the admin of this site..!

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