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can i go out with my friends? like for a lunch or shopping? why dont my parents let me go?

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Do you want to go with Male Friends? Ask your parents why they don't want to let you go, what your parents say to you?

There are many reasons why parents don't want to let their daughters go away with freinds, and most of the time parents are right.

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Gender plays a big role in your question. In any case the parent's words are final.

It sounds like you are younger and your parents seem to you like outdated Fobs. I used to think the same about my parents, especially growing up in the west. It wasn't much later until I saw that they did it with my best interest in mind. Many parents in these situations usually fear 2 things; either your safety, or your deen. They may not feel it is safe to go out unprotected with the group you may wish to go out with, and for this it is only by proving that safe measure will be taken. Second of all is your deen, Parents fear that your Iman is not too strong and going out with the wrong crowd, or at least in the wrong environment will further weaken your Iman. For this case you need to build up a strong Iman which can take a long time for your parents to realize that you are a strong individual, and then they will feel less worried letting you go out.

Yes it may take a while, and that might not be convenient, no matter what, they are your parents, and after Allah and his Messenger (PBUH), their words are as solid as stone!

I hope this helps, Salamwalaykum.

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