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can i study in a mixed university without wearing niqab? (i dont put makeup)

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So where will you wear Niqaab?

When you are in girls company you don't have to wear niqaab, you wear niqaab when males are around you. And when you wear Niqaab, you do makeup or not it doesn't matter because when you wear Niqaab who can see your face?

Note: I am not saying you should do makeup when you wear Niqaab.

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Asalamualykum dear sister.... Well I think u should go for niqaab cuz in this generation is the world of fitnas and the face plays a vital role. You give it a thought yourself..what is the central part of attraction in us...obvioisly our face..which can even be a difficult trial for our na-mahram brothers..i study in a mixed university too and I find it extremely important to put up a veil on a girl's face.!!.. JazakAllah Khair...

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