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As salaam alaikum, I have done a grave mistake by abusing my mother in law while chatting to my sister on watsapp and my husbannd accidently read. It. He has been very angry and upset since then. Alhamdulillah he has not abused me or raised his hands at me. But he is very angry and refuses to even luk at me. I apologised a hundred tyms and even wrote a sorry note with my blood. Anythg I say or do, he is just not willing to cool down. I realise my mistake and I am deeply sorryy for it. On the other hand my mother in law has abused me several tyms in front of my husband and even distant relatives. My husband has nevrr objected or siown any anger towards her. I just don't understand what shld I do and how shld I apologise. . Its been at a month now. I am vry frustrated and stressed. Plese help. Please

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Tell them that they should be kind and they should forgive you becase-Narrated by Aisha(ra), Rasulullah (sawllallahu 'alayhi wa sallam)said "khairukum khairukum liahlihi"(Among you he is the best who is the best to their family).he also said that the husband who tolerates his wife's mistakes will receive reward like Hazrat Aiyub ('alayhi salam).and being kind is an essential quality for mu'mins.tell them that they should forgive you because they might receive reward from Allah if they be kind to you and forgive you.

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JazakAllah my friend...I am very happy with your answer. Thank you soo much.

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build better relationship with your mother in law so that he understand / realize that you cares about his mother and repented and ashamed on what you did and try to gain his trust you broken his trust

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