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Assalamualaikum Warahamtullahi Wabarakatuhu Sisters I wanna ask some personal question a person calls me as his own sister even I belive him as my own brother n he says islam permits kissing, hugging and touching of private parts is this correct? plz tel me about this i wanna know this urgent plzz respond

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Sister that is very wrong, it is better to burn your hand rather than touching another males hand. Never let him touch you even if he is a good friend,and hugging and kissing are not allowed in Islam unless you are married to him.

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This is haram pls send me email to ~Removed~ so I can give you materials

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Sorry, no contact details sharing. You can post material here.

Thank You

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pls sister never listen to him even your blood brother is not allowed to touch or see your private part. read surah alnur 14 people are mention who are just allowed to see ur beautiful dressing & can shake hand wit pls not seing or touching or kissing or hugging

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No dear Islam does not allow that. don't let him lure you. forget about kissing and hugging it does not allow you to great him with your naked hands unless your share a blood relation with him...

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