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Assalamualaikum, I am Md. Ashik from Bangladesh. I am a freelancer. Recently one of my client offered me a business option. He worked as a audit officer in a financial institute which is based in Ireland. He recently found a flotation fund in his own finance company. The fund is a vast amount. But the owner of the fund died in 1999. The relatives of the owner were not found .He tried to find his relatives but failed. If the fund will not withdraw within next few weeks then the company will be the owner of the fund. So my client offer me to help him to withdraw the fund. In this case I will be acting as a CLAIMER of the death person. He offered me that if I help him withdrawing the fund then he will give me a portion of the fund. And I am a undergraduate student with no property asset. I am a freelance worker and sometimes I need to get financial support from my family. In this situation what should I do ? Is it HALAL to accept the offer as well as accept the portion of money ? If we do not withdraw then the owner of the fund will be the company. That’s all.

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Alsalamualaikum brother, It is haram. It's fraud and an action that will run against the legal system. Despite the fact that the money will end up with the company, it's their right infront of Allah (swt) and the law after to keep it. Maybe we could say it's their business and part of the risk they take is to have gains similar to that legally. Also, if one day some relative shows up he could still obtain some of that money back by law. We could create multiple scenarios where it's an absolute advantage to society as a whole if people avoid 'cheating the system'. The company can grow and hire more people for example thereby expanding the economy. The correct decisions made by every individual is how we can grow as a society and overcome our troubles. What truely matters to me personally is to feel that I have lived through this life and built myself without lying or deceiving anyone. That's the kind of person i ask Allah (swt) to help me be, hoping he would be pleased with me on the day of judgement. Life is hard but that's the test Allah (swt) is putting us through to test and strengthen our eman. "And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent." (Surat talak 2-3). Please notice how in Quran It's mentioned "whoever fears Allah" (in Arabic 'men yataki Allah') "he will make a way for him out". It implies we shouldn't look for the way out doing the wrong thing, etaki Allah in your actions then the doors will open for you inshallah. May Allah guide us to the right path and strengthen our eman.

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Md. Ashik

well, but the money will be taken by other people of the company. it is a process under company law. I claim the fund under company law(Maintain company rules and regulation). Even I did not put a single LIE in the CLAIM form.

And there is no claim against the fund. What's about that I took the portion of money and give donation to a charitable institution. because most of the claim process has been completed.I am just acting as a claimer not kin of the account holder. and in the claim form there is just an option for claimer. not kin. so all process maintains company rules and regulation. and there is no chance to find the kin of the account holder.

The process has completed about 70%.... what should I do now...?

Md. Ashik

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So there is a fund in Ireland (belong to a decessid person) in the company that your client worked for. If the fund is not claimed by someone (assuming has to be someone outside the company) then the fund will go to the actual company that your client is working for? May I ask, can anyone claim that money absolutely anyone? So whoever signs a claim gets it, it's perfectly legal and won't be tricking anyone in order for you to have it instead of others by right?

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Sorry meant "Deceased" (not decessid)

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