I am a muslim girl from malaysia and currently staying away from home coz i am studying at college. i noticed that my heart beats very fast(palpitation) when the sun is about to set(when its time to pray magrib). i am very concerned about this condition because it has bee going on for quite a long time. it continues a while after praying.

D you know the cause or any remedy linked with islam that could help me?

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Salam! sister its just due to lack of stamina... try to increase your stamina and do not leave Salah... drink more water as much as you can....in early morning do deep breathing exercise by taking deep breath and then stop it inside as much as you can then slowly release it do it 5 times daily.... related to Islamic Wazaif you can find them here on ~Link Removed~

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If someone is in need, post the wazaif your self and don't make difficult for them to search they are already in need. Don't use these tricks to advertise here. Thank You

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