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Assalamu'alakum waramatullahi wabarakatum

Im a person who like to perform alot of ibadat to my limitation. But when im performing ibadat, may be in the mosque, and there is somebody sitting close to me that is he is in the mosque with me then i will feel in my mind like im doing the ibadat becouse of him so that he can prise me but actually im doing the ibadat to gain reward from Allah. That means may be im not sincere in my worship. So pls how can i control my mind to be sincere.

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Walikum Assalam Wa Rahmatula hi wabarakatuhu

The easiest thing is that, ask yourself if this person weren't here would I be praying like this or not, or would I have prayed lesser number of Nafals then what I am offering now. Ask yourself, if I weren't in the mosque and If I was at home, would I be praying these number of Nafals that which I am praying now? Your heart will tell you.

Hope it will help :-)

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