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Assalaamu Alaikum, I need advice on a certain subject. I am currently in college and I have never had relations with the opposite sex abd I've always vowed not to as it it forbidden in Islam. I am a practising muslim and I take my religion very seriously. At the start of the term I noticed that a guy in college would often look over at me and i learnt more about him. I learned that he prayed all his prayers and he is currently attempting to grow his hair and his beard as it was the sunnah of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him).He also takes Islam very seriously and that was one of the things that attracted me to him. I like him and I think he likes me but I haven't spoken to him about that, we are just friends.although, I also ask Allah for guidance in everything I do, I even asked his guidance for which college I should go to and I prayed Isthakhara and I got a sign withing a day masha'allah. But this sign was quite confusing to me as it showed me marrying a man who is tall and has got black hair(just like him). It also showed a big number 3 engraved on the pavement which I was confused about. But I later put it all together and realiesed that he is 3 years older than me. Also, everytime I want to forget about him and get on with my life allah always shows me a sign that reminds me of him again, this has happened multiple times. I don't know what to do about it know, and I don't know where to turn, I feel as though I need Islamic advice on this topic. I also pray to allah everyday saying that if me and him are not meant to be together then eliminate the feelings I have towards him but my feelings never go, in fact I am given more signs through dreams and reality and my feelings towards him increase. Please help me, I don't want to sin, My goal is only to please allah only.

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Dreams come from Allah subhana WA taala , from the Satan, and from the wonderings of our minds. Its possible that the dreams are from Allah subhana WA taala . You know your relationship with Allah subhana WA taala more than anyone else just keep it up.

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