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Asalumu Alaykum, I have a question on behalf of my sister in law. We live in the US, she has an arranged marriage to her husband, he moved here from Pakistan 5 yrs ago, they have been married for 7 yrs. up until last year they lived with my father and mother in law, with their 2 children. Her husband caused a lot of problem in the family, made fights with my husbands siblings and his parents. One day he pushed my mother in law while she was holding my nephew, a week later he got into a fight about money with my father in law and he pushed him down onto the couch. My father in law attempted to stand up and he pushed him back down and help him down and threatened him. My mother in law called the police because he was acting very irrational and physically hurting my 62 yr old father in law. The police arrested him. He wasn't charged or found guilty of anything because my in laws didn't press charges. Since this incident, my sister in law took her husband side and cut out the whole family. She refuses to speak to anyone of us, her children were raised by us all. Both my sister in law and her husband worked, and my mother in law always had her children, as I did being the oldest daughter. And now we aren't allow to even hug them at the masjid. My husbands Nani Ami passed away last month and she never even acknowledged my mother inlaw, at her own mom's funeral. How can someone watch their mother, bury their mother, and not grieve or feel sad. Our family just wants to have them back in our lives, my husband has tried to call her husband to talk to him, we haven called my sister in law and sent messages. She never answers or returns calls. We have sent gifts for the kids for their birthdays and they return everything. What does Islamic law say when one is torn between parents and husband, where does the loyalty lay? Is there anything I can send her to remind her of her duty to her parents? Our family has missed them so much, my kids are so confused why they can't see their cousins, and why when they see them they won't speak to us, even my sister in law has turned away from my Salam during Ramadan this past year. She refused to hug my 4 yr old daughter. Please help with some words of advise. Thank you.

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Sister, can you please write in brief. The reason you haven't got any answer till now is that it is very time consuming to read all what you have written and to understand it at once. Please short it a little and be precise In sha Alah we will try our best to answer your query.

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