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I have a friend that recently converted into Islam. However, there has been few problems that arises from that. Here they are; 1. she said the shahada alone, by herself in her room without witness. is that enough for her conversion or does she need witnesses? and if she does, how many? 2. her family is opposed to her being a Muslim, so is there any help group in her town that could help her such as motivating and guiding her?

She lives in Albania and if I am not mistaken in a city called Tirana.

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First of all I want to congratulate her for reverting to Islam. She should go to any Mosque (Masjid) near by her house or better Central Mosque or visit the Office of any Islamic Organization, and ask someone that she wants to take the Shadadah, they will also make a Certificate for her so that she can change her religion to Islam in her National Identity Card also she can go for Hajj (Pilgrimage) without facing any problem due to that certificate. :-)

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