when muhammad (saws) declares every time "5 principles of islam" it is backed up by the science of hadeeth such as what to give your wife for a birthday present, how to manage finances, what to do when times get tough and all these tiny little du'a get forgotten in some of the islamic seminars like "straight over the top of my head" and "i can't fix it" and lots more so it is good to see in the arab spring uprising that many more decent faces are occurring through air-conditioned supermarkets and healthy life principles if i chose any book of hadeeth it would be my favourite bulugh al maram or even futuuhat al makkiya and ghazallees mishkat an nuur or all of ibn dawuud reminding me of the ages of camel transport

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if you have cold or flu maybe 2 or 3 salaats per day that with hot water compress and yoghurt is it ok

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Happy Muslim please join community site and post these posts there Insha Allah you will . Jazakallah dear brother. Salam

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The Quran and sunnah

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