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AOA sir mara sawal yeh ha k ma aik kaam k bare ma bohat pareshan tha i mean my studies muje result sa bohat darr lag hara tha bcux my career is on steak mane Allah sa dua ki namaz parhe mara dil har waqt darta rehta tha but achnak sa mare dil ma ko sakoon

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Brother,i guess this is incomplete question.

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Or you can be consistent in your prayers and draw nearer to Allah, who understands what's inside your heart. I can't judge anyone but i think praying namaz consistently and doing good deeds in light of islam should do.

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I think you are talking about how your results will be patient and don't loose hope in allah. If you want to do suplication to fulfil your wishes,here's a special tecnique-on a sunday evening ba'ad magrib pray 20 raka'ats of nawfil prayers by praying 2 raka'ats at a time. In each raka'at u should say sura fatiha1x, sura ikhlas 50x,sura falaq1x, sura naas 1x.after completing the prayer,u should say istigfar 100 x, darude mahi 100 x ,and then sincierly do ur du' mightn't work but if you try you will have done a good deed.

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sir i do this ammal only on sunday or any other day

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No ,only on sunday evening

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Abc, don't worry about whether it will be accepted or not . Hazrat Umar (ra) kahahe " mey iey sochta nehi hoon ki Allah meri du'a kabul korega ia nehi , mey sochti hoon kiya mey sohih torika mey dua korta hoon?" jab hum dua kartahoon , Allah ieyh kehta hai "yes" or "yes but not now " or "i have a better plan " . So don't be hopeless when u ask Allah for something , tum iski reward is dunia mey or akhira mey paogey . But mujhe bolo tumhara exam kaise huahey ?

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ok sir exams achee ho gy han aur ma pass b hoo gea hoon but mare percentage thori kam ha muje darr ha k ma university sa nah nikala jao abi tak koi decsion nahi hova dua kare k ma university nah nikala jao its my last semester and if i drop out from university tu ma barbad ho jao ga muje koi aise ibadat baatie jis sa mara khuda mare sa khush ho jae aur mare sare kaam aasan ho jae

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Assalamu 'alaykum wa ra'hmatullahi wa barkatuhu wa magfiratuhu. Dear abc , don't worry about the drop . Even if you drop , don't become angry or hopeless. Allah tests his slaves surely. Never ever give up islam . This world is not everlasting , but akhirat has no end. We should prepare for akhira. If you can live in the way that Allah has ordered for us , you can live in jannat . So don't worry . These 'amals might or might not give any result in this world , but in akhira they will help you . I have got an ammal which might be very effective in these dangers . Recite the following durood one lac and fifty thousand times . Do it by reciting it 3600 times a day . Durrode-mahi :"ALLAHUMMA SAWLLI 'ALAA SAIYYDINA MU'HAMMADIN KHAIRUL KHALAIQI AFDHALUL BASHARI SHAFI'IL UMMATIN YAWMAL 'HASHRI WANNASHRI SAIYYDINA MU'HAMMADIM BI 'ADAADI KULLI MA'LUMILLAKA WA SAWLLI 'ALAA JAMI'IL AMBIAI WAL MURSALINA WAL MALA-IKATIL MUQARRABINA WA 'IBADILLAHIS SAWLIHINA WARHAMNA MA'AAHUM , BIRA'HMATIKA YAA AR'HAMAR RA'HIMIN " you should recite the durood with wudhu . This can take all day . Here's a technique - never recite durood by stopping work or study . Learn to keep your tounge busy in reciting durood all situations , like when you study ,or work . This ammal will help you a lot , inshaaa Allah.

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Or if you can't do such a big ammal, try this- recite sura ikhlas one thousand times everyday . Then recite duroode mahi 300 times . Then say any istighfar 100 times . Then do dua sincirely , cry alot and ask Allah for help and mercy . I , the sinner , pray to Allah that may he help you pass every exam and help you in every situation and grant you jannatul firdouse . AMEEN.

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Allah ko khush korne ke liey yeh sari ammal koriey -

strengthen your iman by reciting LAAA ILAHA ILLALLAH all day.

If you are a male , pray the fardh prayers with jama'ah and if you are a female , pray these at home alone .

pray the nafal waqt prayers - ishraq , du'ha , awwabin , tahajjud etc .


AL'HAMDULILLAH 33X , ALLAHU AKBAR 34X and LAAA ILAHA ILLALLAHU WA'HDAHU LAAA SHARIKALAHU LAHUL MULK WA LAHUL 'HAMD WA HUA 'ALAA KULLI SHAYIIN QADIR 1X after every fardh prayer . Then say AYIATUL KURSI 3 times , the last two ayats of SuraTAUBA 7 times , any durood 20times , sura ikhlas 3x , sura falaq 3x , sura naas 3x , istighfar 20x .

recite at least one para of quran everyday .

say the last three ayats of sura 'hashr 1x after the fazar prayer .

say SUBHANALLAHI WA BI'HAMDIHI SUB'HANALLAHIL 'ADHIM 100x after the fazar and maghrib prayer .


try to refrain from sins .

cry to Allah , repent , ask help from him .

Yeh bohut mehnat ki kam hey , yeh master korney ki liey thodi time lag saktahe . BEST OF LUCK.

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ok thankss for my help and please remember me in ur prayers my careear is on steak plz plz pray for me thanks

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Thnx 2 u 2

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thanksss sir i wana ask somthing more i.e hume kaise pata chalta ha k humre dua Allah na qabool kar lie ha ? i mean most of the time hume nazar nahi aata k humre dua qabool ho gie ha hume aisa lagta ha k humre dua qabool nahi hoi but in real humre dua qabool ho gie hty ha ? mane aik jagha parha tha k jab insan Allah sa sincre ho k dua karta ha tu Allah ko bohat pasand aata ha aus ka iss tarh sa dua karna tu Allah apne farishto sa khty han k mare is bandy ki jo b dua ha ause poora karne ma dair(late) karo kyun k muje apne bandy ka iss tarh mangna bohat acha lagta ha...

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namaz aur iqammat ka darmeeyan ka waqt kon sa hota ha ? azan aur jammat khare hone sa phaly ka waqt ?

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Dear abc , please write your question in english , i don't understand hindi that much

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sir i heard from somebody that on the Friday there is a special time where Allah listen and fullfils our dua's and the time is between Asar to Magrib is it true plese replay me ASAP

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