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Is it haram to learn about other religions? Not for the purpose of converting but for the sake of knowledge? what if it's not an Abrahamic religion, but let's say zoroastrianism or hinduism?

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I get to quote one of my favorite Hadiths! Here goes:

أطلبوا العلم ولو في الصين "Seek knowledge, even if it is as far away as China."

So, yes! Since knowledge in China at that time was deeply rooted in their own religious traditions, one would have had to know about Chinese religion to acquire knowledge there. Learn about other religions. Islam is strong and knowing about the spiritual practices of others will not endanger your faith, but rather make you appreciate it all the more.

I would highly suggest that you read about the venerable Dara Shikoh who translated many works of Hindu philosophy into Persian during the Mughal Empire for the edification of the court. Fear not! Islam is robust. wa-llahu akbar!

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me as an example,am always learning about other religions,me being the only muslim in my family,am always gathering knowledge so that i can go and convince my family to join islam inshaa allah.

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Salam alaykum brothers and sisters thanks for your reply, I highly appreciate. I just want to ask is it haram to talk about the problem in Example Hinduism? So a kind of project that deals with issues in Hinduism??

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As Abubakar said,be mindful so as not to trangress beyond the limits.PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAL ALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM SAID:he who emulates,copy the way of other religion is part of,you must be careful so as not to copy them during the course of learning.MASALLAM

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Salam alaykum, in addition to the response that you have be given, I want to tell you to be mindful of your conducts during the learning process so as not to transgress beyond the limits set by our Creator(Allah). Those religions are polytheist's practice so be very careful. Ma salaam.

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No, it is not Haram. As long as you want to get knowledge and information, you're doing something good, because you're collecting information and getting knowledge. Knowledge is highly valued in Islam.

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