Assalam Alaykum. Is it allowed to make a Dua in Islam for a Muslim Brother you met on the Internet? If yes, I request you all to add me into your Dua list. Please, and thank you! May Allah bless you.

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Salam alaykum, Islam enjoined us to wish for our fellow Muslims whatever good we wished for ourselves. It doesn't matter whether you are white or black, or whether you are male or female, young or old, and distance is not a barrier as to how helpful we can be to each other as long as we embrace the teachings of our noble Prophet(SAW) who enjoined us to show kindness to our brothers because kindness shows a mark of faith to Allah(SWT). For this reasons, I will pray to Allah(SWT) to grant you whatever good your heart desires and may He ease your troubles for you. Ma salaam my brother.

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It just so happens that my mind chose your answer as the correct answer. Thank you.

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