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salaam alaiykum i just wanted to ask i love this guy so much only after knowing what has happened in his life. Lets just say his life was messed up with his wife and because he is one of the most smartest and yet religious people in my life i wont give up on him what should i do? Ive never talked to him and i know if i told my parents they wont want thier daughter to get married to someone that was married.

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Wa-alaikum-Assalam! If we go Islamically, I can say with full sure that there is 90% involvement of NAFS_E_AMMARA in your case. What i suggest is that consult it with your parents and discuss pros and cons of the decision and let them check the background of that guy. But do not forget to full respect of your parents and obey their order. You can present your choice with due respect in front of them. And i think doing Istikhara for this purpose will be very good for taking correct decision. Do not follow the order of your NAFS, be fully mindful and clever minded in taking the decision because your whole life is depending on this decision.

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thank you so much!

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