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Assalaamualaikum warahmatulaahi wa barakaatahu! May u find this question in good health..:) I have a problem in my marriage and I'm totally on the verge of it breaking..I got married 2 years husband lives in new york with his family and I'm from India..after marriage my husband went back and started my visa paper work..he came back in aug 2011 to see me..after ramzan I found out he takes drugs..i and my family sent him back..we gave him a chance to improve we thought it was just a mistake it won't happen paper work got done and he came back in may to pick me..we gave him lots of love and day before I and my husband left for america I found out he took drugs again..but still I went to america with him thinking he'll change once we start living together..but even after I went there he took it doubt he loved me but he had this bad inlaws were very nice in the beging but my mother in law became torturous after some time !my husband wouldn't support me too..I'm back in india now and my parent decided to get me a khula..he tried to convince me..iv started missing him now please help me what do I do?

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Walikum Assalam Wa rahmatul lahi wabara katuhu,

It all depends upon your choice sister. I can not encourage you to take khula or to not take khula from him, but I feel he is not a match for you. A person who takes drugs can do anything, he could also abuse you, when you both will have children what they will learn from their father? Can he be a good husband?. It all depends upon you, ask yourself can you survive with this man or not?

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Its like my parents have given him many chance but now they are willing to..they don't want to send me back in laws hid his habits from my parents b4 marriage and now my parents even feel betrayed..before I was firm on my decision but now that iv started talking to him I feel like going back he is a very good human being..and the reason why I'm at my parents house is not because of drugs..I'm was misbehaved by his family and my husband never supported me so I got very lonely and came back here..should I just go back to him or should I listen to my parents?

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You must just listen to your parents

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This is a personal and important decision. You should not rely on the advice of strangers on the internet. Make dua to Allah. Ask Him to guide you to the right decision. Surely He can strengthen your relationships if He wills.

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But now he promises me that he's gona be my pillar of support and his drug habit is not so severe masha Allah he goes to work everyday and he's also very hardworking..he's also finding an apartment in NY for us..I feel everything will become fine insha Allah but my parents still against..please tell me what do I do

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As salaam Alaikum, Dear sister I know it is a very difficult decision to break of a relationship after so many years especially when you are in love. I can undesrtand that you want to give this man a laast chance but please also understand one thing that your parents don't want you to get hurt anymore. If you are truely confused then I suggest you do Istekhara and ask Allah for guidance. Allah knows best what is correct for you. And InshaAllah do as Allah directs you to do. InshaAllah all vl be fine soon. Take care.

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I think u shoud do istikhara and seek Allah's help in this matter. A person that takes drugs can be a good human being but a troubled one. I am in the middle of helping a family member get over his drug addiction and it is a VERY painful road. I dnt think he should've gotten married before settling this matter of drug abuse. With drug users, things dont get better; they get worse! He needs help soon because his life will revolve around his habit if it doesn't already. So, yea, do istikhara because that's what the prophet (pbuh) recommended we do before every important decision.

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Its a difficult situation. If you think it wont be good for you to go to America and live with your husband and in-laws, i wouldnt recommend you to go back. But if you think your relationship with your mother in-law will improve and that your husband would stop doing drugs, then i guess you can give it another try.

Think through this properly and dont be hasty in making your decision. Seek advice from others, specially your family members.

May Allah ease it for you, and give you what is best for you. Remember, think "Is my decision going to make me better in my Deen or not?!" before you finalise your decision.

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JazakAllah khair for the answers really appreciate..May Allah Ta'la bless each one of you

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its better than being married to a drunk guy. get him into rehabilitation and seances.

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