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Assalam Alaikum,

I got married couple of months ago, my wife and me have good relationship in everything except that she doesn't like my sister for some reason from the start, she doesn't like me to talk to her, doesn't want my sister to be around me, Whenever my sister is around she argues with me to an extent that she says "Is there anything between you and her","was there anything between you guys before marriage","why you got married when you have your sister". My sister on the other hand thinks about for a brother always and my wife does not want her to bother me or ask her anything things in detail.

First i was shocked with my wife behavior, but now i am getting very irritating about her disgusting behavior that she is spoiling the name of such a nice relationship of brother and sister relationship into. I don't know how to make her understand that she is so wrong doing this.

I would like brothers and sisters here to help me out and let me know what do i do from here on, like tell her parents, brother, etc or my sister about her behavior?

JazakAllah Khair, Your Br. in Islam.

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Salam dear Islamic Brother! Its very shocking and bad to hear such ugly and disgusting thoughts of your wife. If you don't mind you must check your wife's past too because sometimes the person who himself commits something by himself or He/she had confronted such situation in past then he/she sees all the world in that past experience. So, i think you should gently, Politely and in peaceful manner talk to her and try to convince her. You tell her that in Islam, blaming on person for a thing which he/she did not do is a big big sin and the punishment of the sin is also very very hard. And, I suggest that you tell her your truth while putting hand on Holy Quran. I hope she will understand. On the other side, i think, which may be the problem, your relation with your sister is too close which may make others to think in wrong way about you both. So, you both too should follow islamic manners like keeping distant from sister, and sister should not come to your personal room without getting permission and so on...Its Islam which tells us everything but we our-self do not follow Islam which in result causes problems. MAY ALLAH AZZA WA JAL SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM VERY SOON... AAMEEN

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salam brother,some men treat their sisters better than their wives,ok thats fine,but i dont blame your wife because if i were to hear her side of her story,maybe you are the problem,but first of all most women are naturally jealousy,maybe u buy things for your sister more than your wife,u always favour your sister.i dont think u would be happy if your wifes brother was to start behaving like that towards your wife,i think u will kick him even if he is her in as much as u will be hurt to see your wifes brother behaving like that to your wife,thats how much she is hurt.put yourself in her shoes,and then adjust yourself.salam

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Talk to your wife about this, tell her that its starting to irritate you. And all it is, is that you have a good relationship with your sister. Its the only thing i can think of, you must talk to your wife about it.

May Allah help you in this problem.

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