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is going to space is halal?what about praying from space?which direction to face?pleas answer i am not going to the space but i want study.

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assalam alaikum my brother i am not satisfied by answer because in islam the human must perform swalah except some period and some reason i think the constant motion can not concede in it so they should perform swalah even in the space i think may be they will be concede like patient (they can perform swalah as they can) still there is question which time they should follow? can they prey by facing to earth? (because kaaba is in earth) let us wait for answer some one like scholar who knows about it

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Brother you didn't understand the answer, I am not saying that you don't have to pray. I am saying, I don't know how will you pray because you have to face Qibla. You may pray like patient siting and with your body actions.But I am not sure.

Brother Qibla is direction and Kabaa is the point on which the Nur of Allah's Arsh is pointing, so you can prostrate on the vertical direction to Kabaa. Its same as you are asking because I live on 100th floor of a building and Kabaa is not parallel to my building's height so should I prostrate on an angle to Kabaa? No, you face vertical to kabaa.

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asalam alaikum 1st i thanks you for clarify my answer to(sewinghobby) in your answer. brother i am saying they can face qibla like we are facing from around the globe to one point, when they want to pray anywhere from universe just turn to the earth and think(niyyah)that i am facing to qibla (because our qibla is kaaba and kaaba is in earth) from space they can see her like globe, even can't see just turn to direction of earth, am i right? which time they should follow for pray? do you have any idea?

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salam , please help me ... i can't ask my question here...

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How is that possible? Please choose ASK A QUESTION from the top right corner of the menu bar.

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Who made you think its the matter of Halal or Haram? Yes, its Halal.

Of course one has to face the Qibla.

I really don't know, how will you pray there, because we are in constant motion when we are in space.

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