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Salam Alykom,

I was not always Muslim, and my past hangs on me like a noose. When I converted I thought it was my chance to start again, to be a better person. It comes back in my mind, and I feel shame, a great shame. Is such a person allowed to start again? to be forgiven?

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allah will forgive all sins wich is huquq allah if you have debited mony you have to pay it is huquq abde

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When one embraces Islam, it is similar as he/she has just born, means all his past sins are forgiven but as ibm said Allah (S.W.T) will forgive all sins but if you have done anything wrong with any fellow human then you have to ask him/her forgiveness individually and pay all your debits.

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Yes! Since you've decided to do Allah's will,he will surely forgive all your sins. The only sin Allah will not forgive is when one associate partner with him.

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Allah subhana wat'ala has forgiven you except you go back to it again

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If u give up shirk and kufr completely,follow Allah and his prophet's(blessings from allah be upon him)commandments,and ask Allah to forgive your sins sincierly and shed a lot of tears and follow islam till death, there is a chance that Allah the most highest might forgive you.

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